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Road Trip to NY

Posted on September 10, 2010 by in On the Road

e36 BMW tire wear


This holiday weekend, I took a 6-hour trip to central New York to check out a “project” turbo 280z, which turned out to be just a pile of parts held together with some bits of rust and fiberglass.  The price was absolutely right, but it wasn’t worth spending all the extra time restoring the shell just to have a reasonable daily driver.

The drive wasn’t a complete loss though.  On the way up, I took rt 30 through Vermont, and it might very well be the most beautiful drive I’ve ever been on.  Winding roads up and down mountainsides followed by grassy fields and forests on both sides of the road.  It was lush and peaceful, but with enjoyable speed limits and plenty of other spirited drivers out on the roads.  The other great advantage is that if you do get stuck behind a slowpoke, VT allows for passing over double solid lines (I think it’s a leftover law from when many people had horses and buggies).  I ended up with a light misting of rubber behind the rear wheelwells and a dire need for some new tires.

The drive back along i90 was so bad that I switched my GPS over to “No Highways” and took back roads the rest of the way.  Also quite pleasant, nowhere near as nice as VT 30 was (also, I had a bad taste in my mouth left over from seeing the 280z in such bad condition).

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One Response to “Road Trip to NY”

  1. Psykostevo 31 October 2010 at 5:56 pm #

    Nice shred on those tires.

    Sometimes those project cars are really sweet, but most of the time project cars are in worst condition that those at the local junk yards.

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