November 25, 2015

CRX Cupholders

Posted on January 6, 2010 by in In the Garage

It’s the most common caveat long-term CRX owners share: we got no love in the cupholder department. If I adjust my passenger’s seat just right, and the stars are aligned, and I never hit a bump, I can keep my Aroma Joe’s coffee cups between the ebrake handle and the seat. That doesn’t quite cut it. Another solution that doesn’t quite cut it is the armrest that came in JDM and EDM EG civics. They’re too expensive and there just aren’t enough to go around for all of us.  All sorts of other terrible attempts to screw, rubber band, or hang cupholders in a crx have cropped up, but none really fit the bill if you ask me.  Three cheap, stock-ish alternatives have cropped up that I have been able to find.

Option 1: Nissan Sentra cupholder

crx sentra cupholder

OZ wrote up a nice DIY on using a Sentra cupholder, but this requires cutting into your console.  It’s a moderate amount of work and can’t be undone if you decide you don’t like it or want to resell the car.  Generally speaking, custom irreversible changes aren’t worth doing if there are other options available to you.  Read on.

Option 2: Taurus SHO Cupholder/Coinholder

crx taurus cupholder

The Taurus SHO cupholder fits into a DIN slot, so if you don’t mind moving your stereo head somewhere else, you can fit this beastie in there for around $10. If you’re skilled with fabrication, you can cut your own DIN-sized hole and line up the bolts yourself. Also, heater controls use a DIN space, so if you don’t mind leaving your climate just the way it is you can replace that with this cupholder. Here’s how the SHO cupholder fits into a CRX dash:

Option 3: Acura Integra cupholder

crx integra cupholder

Lastly, the 94+ Integra cupholder fits toward the bottom of your center console. This is a clean replacement for the cigarette lighter and ashtray, stays tasteful, and is common/cheap enough for me to recommend.

crx integra cupholder open

I’ve ordered one of these to replace my current Taurus SHO cupholder, it fit pretty well.  You need to be aware of where your fingers are when shifting into third, though. For further research, check out honda-tech’s forum thread here. If you have any alternative ideas for cupholders in your CRX, leave a comment below!  If you’ve already installed one, send in an email with some pictures  and I’ll feature your car.

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